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How Can You Contact Rapid Care?


  1. Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 997 Bixby, OK 74008
  2. Physical Location: MOBILE – We make it very easy and convenient to come to you
  3. Main Phone – 918.221.7217
  4. E-Mail –
  8. Carrier pigeon

How Should You Contact Rapid Care? 

  1. Carrier Pigeon is preferred, because that would be really cool. 
  2. If you find yourself short on carrier pigeons, may we suggest the most efficient way to get in touch with Rapid Care is by visiting our website and submitting a contact form. From that point, your request will be processed based on given information and the appropriate representative will be in touch with you promptly. Of course, you may always give us a call or send us a direct email to:



What Should You Expect From Your First Experience at Rapid Care? 

  1. Whether you call for nutritional wellness, urgent care, primary care, or any other service we offer, our number one goal is to show compassion for all aspects of your life. We respect your time, your home, and your beliefs to the best of our ability.
  2. Timeline layout for any visit 
    1. Patient initiates the call for an appointment through one of several methods. 
    2. Staff member confirms the appointment and ensures that the patient is registered in the system and prepped for their appointment on the back end. 
    3. 48-72 hours pre-visit, our office staff contacts the patient or patient family to ensure that the patient understands the process and flow of the appointment and answer any questions that the patient may have.
    4. 24 hours prior to the appointment the request for clinical service will be put out to all eligible staff members in that region. The calls are assigned based on a first come-first serve basis, granted the clinician attempting to accept the visit is qualified for this type of visit. 
    5. 4 hours prior to the appointment the patient will be given clinician information including name, physical description, and where applicable, a validation code to ensure the safety of the patient and the staff. 
    6. 2 hours prior to the appointment, the staff member attending to the patient will be given address and call type information. 
    7. Patients should be notified once the clinician is en route to their location. 
    8. Once the patient arrives on scene, the patient chart will be assigned to the clinician. The delay is to ensure that no HIPAA compliance issues arise. 
    9. As the clinician arrives and introductions are made, the clinician should go right into the appointment in an effort to respect the patient’s time and home.  
    10. Once the clinician reaches a certain point in the visit, he or she will either establish a connection with a provider or if protocol dictates, he or she will treat and end the visit. 
    11. Once the visit is complete, the patient will receive discharge instructions and follow-up instructions and or information. 
    12. 24-36 hours after the visit, the patient will be contacted for a follow-up QC call to ensure satisfaction with his or her care experience. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 


  1. Do you offer IV vitamin therapy?
    1. Yes, we do. It is actually how we got our start. 
  2. How much are your memberships?
    1. Memberships range widely based on your individual needs and preferences. We take every step we can to ensure that we are as cost effective as we possibly can be.