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Who is an ideal Rapid Care Employee?

Why You Should Work at Rapid Care:

  • Rapid Care prides itself on a servant leadership culture. In healthcare, the number one thing you can do for your patients is to take care of the people that are in the field caring for them. Our philosophy is that if you take care of your staff, they will take care of our customers.
  • Heraclitus was noted to have said “Panta Rhei” which is Greek for “Life is Flux” meaning everything or all things change. The importance of that philosophy in medicine and healthcare is paramount. We must understand that we cannot do a thing simply because we have always done it that way. Change for the sake of progress and development is necessary. We take every step we can to ensure our patients and their families that not only our staff, but our patients too have every opportunity to learn, develop, and grow. We pride ourselves on an educational platform that promotes personal and professional development.
  • Education for our patients is key as well, and that starts with our staff. The way to begin repairing our broken system is to focus far less on reactive measures and focus on finding more ways to successfully educate our patients. Once the patient has a more fundamental knowledge about their health, they can take appropriate action to be put on the track to better health.


What type of employee are we looking for?

  • Motivated, charismatic, caring, devoted…the list goes on. The nature of the workforce now is very delicate. We take very seriously the type of staff we put in place to best serve our patients. Healthcare cannot and will not ever be successful if we continue to operate with a negative attitude toward patients.


How does it all work?

  • There are so many facets to the care that we provide to patients that the easiest way to achieve success with that is mostly through contract labor. Our owners are all owners of other businesses that started before Rapid Care, most of which left the safety and assurance of a regular paycheck in an effort to create something from nothing. We operate mainly under contractual staffing in an effort to spur creativity and ownership in what you are doing. We provide all necessary infrastructure for staff members including educational resources and training.


What education do we provide?

  • Our education program is web based and growing all of the time. We can seek out education on any resource that you may find interesting for your own personal growth and development. We also provide the opportunity to attend AHA certification and recertification courses as well.


What does a day at work look like?

  • Imagine a day at work where you make the decision on when you want to work, where you want to go to work at, and how long you want to stay! We created the employment model to keep you in the driver’s seat of your day. Once you are cleared for field work, your position immediately becomes a self selection based PRN system. When we have patients, we send out the opportunity for staff to pick up the call and see the patient. Once you arrive to see the patient, the appointment will take shape based upon their needs. Your job is to give the provider staff eyes, ears, and hands in the field. We engage with our patients to give life and credibility to distance medicine. Our goal is providing care where the patient is to remove the need for a patient to make their way to a hospital or clinic.