Our Story

How we began:  

We got started by creating a healthcare ecosystem that no longer relies upon the confines of the medical system.  Our team is made up of successful business owners and hard workers who come from various walks of life, but were drawn together because our “Why” (values) were the same.  Our method for providing medical care places you at the center of our mission!  We desire to create a culture of health that incorporates the  best practices, technology, and innovative strategies, while simultaneously encouraging self-education and ownership over one’s own healthy way of life.  We are driven by a dedicated and caring team of physicians, nurse practitioners, paramedics, and medical assistants.  Our health delivery system is carried out by some of the most incredible, compassionate, and highly-trained personnel in the field. 


Healthcare Designed for You! 

Our plan for healthcare started with the single idea that healthcare should not be so difficult to seek out or achieve. Hours upon hours of waiting in dirty waiting rooms with sick people is miserable enough when you’re well. It’s nearly unbearable when you feel at your worst. Perhaps you or someone you know or love has trouble leaving the house and getting around.  This does not have to be a barrier to high quality and compassionate healthcare. Many people feel most comfortable and heal best in the comfort of their homes.  We designed this program with your personal beliefs and ideals in mind. A patient has to believe the care they receive is truly designed for them and delivered with their best interests in mind.   They have to be confident in their physician’s ability to navigate their healthcare issues without violating their own personal beliefs. 


What is Rapid Care?

Imagine this: It is a cold and rainy day in February. You notice a little queasy and uneasy feeling in your stomach. The symptoms worsen and you wind up in the bathroom knowing this is not going to be a fun time, because it just will not stop. You grow even more miserable thinking that you are going to have to brave the elements with a grocery bag in your lap to prevent ruining the carpet in your car. You pick up the phone and call your physician’s office and tell them that you need to be seen and they are happy to let you know that you can come in on the second Tuesday…next month. So you begrudgingly hop into the car and head to the nearest urgent care only to arrive and learn that you have a two hour wait in the waiting room with 19 other sick people. Then…BOOM!!! You remember your friend telling you how simple it was for her to get help when she needed it the most. So you pick up your phone and hop onto the Rapid Care website and in 30 seconds you have submitted a request for care. You head back home to meet your clinician and get the same care you were about to wait two hours for in a dirty waiting room full of sick strangers. A much better alternative is Rapid Care. We deliver healthcare to you! 

What is Concierge Healthcare?

Concierge healthcare was once thought to be reserved for the rich and famous. A type of healthcare generally paid for in advance on a cash transactional basis. The most significant component being that the physician carried a very limited workload to ensure availability to his or her patients. The great news for you is that evidently– you are now among the rich and famous, because we deliver highly affordable, private, compassionate, and state of the art healthcare to you and your family, when you need us the most. Long gone are the days of overpriced, callous, one-size-fits-all, healthcare. 


What is the Rapid Care Difference?

We put CARE into the word “healthcare”. Our patients are our number one priority. The complaint most often stated when people discuss their healthcare experiences is that they don’t feel listened to or heard by their doctor. They are herded in and out of a facility as if they are cattle in a livestock sale. While the excuses given by the “system” have a small measure of validity to them (For example: that the current system is inundated with patients and does not have the resources to handle the volume) it does not make it any more acceptable of an excuse. We must do better for the patients that need healthcare, and we have the systems in place to maximize efficiency while ensuring we keep the “care” central in healthcare. 


Convenience – Bringing Healthcare to You!


One of Rapid Care’s distinctions is convenience. We go above and beyond to make healthcare available to all families. We realized early on that so many individuals do not have access to individualized and innovative healthcare that will place them on a trajectory of wellbeing and a lifestyle of health rather than a cycle of defeat and disease.


The Rapid Care Mission – 

To provide innovative, high-quality, and personal healthcare services to your door.

Together, our team has over 40 years of healthcare experience in both acute and non-acute fields. Our team carries decades of experience in both rural and urban settings. We have a team that varies across different arenas of the healthcare system ranging from flight medicine, disaster response, trauma surgery, geriatrics, orthopedics, mobile integrated healthcare, critical access programs, sports medicine, functional medicine, and more. 


Joshua Forrest

Joshua began his career in healthcare at the age of 18. His career has taken him all over the United States and even out of the country to provide care to those in need. During his time serving as a paramedic in rural Oklahoma he spent several years in helicopter EMS as a paramedic providing access to healthcare from rural areas. He spent nearly a year in the U.S. Virgin Islands after hurricane Maria, developing an integrated healthcare program for the island of St. Croix to help curb the healthcare crisis left in the wake of the hurricane. Joshua came to the realization in the last few years of his time spent in EMS that the difference he wanted to make did not fall under the purview of the ambulance system and that he would have to venture out on his own and create something new that would benefit the patients that were lost in the healthcare abyss that our traditional system has become. 


Wendi Green

Wendi Green is an entrepreneur at heart and has founded multiple successful businesses over the past three decades. Her early career was spent in the music industry where she owned and performed with an artist group, recording five projects and writing seven #1 songs in their genre. Following that, Wendi became a Consultant with a direct selling company where she grew a team of over 50,000 gaining a spot as one of the highest earners in the company. From that experience, Wendi co-authored a marketing book with her sister, Debbi Coder, and they found themselves in the #1 spot of Amazon’s best seller list. Another passion of Wendi’s is television and film production and in 2015, Wendi joined with her son, Cooper Green, and son-in-law, Austin James, and opened the doors of Jeenyus Entertainment. Jeenyus has produced multiple projects including two feature films which can be found on Pure Flix. Having lived in Nashville and Los Angeles, Wendi moved her family to Oklahoma in 2019 to be closer to family.  That year, while filming a movie outdoors in the brutal heat, Wendi met Josh when she hired him to come and give IV hydration to the cast and crew. From that time to now, Wendi has utilized the services that the team provides. Sadly, in August 2021, Wendi watched her husband of 33 years pass away in the hospital from a virus that should never have taken his life. Simultaneously, her 80-year-old father had the same virus and was being treated by Josh at home. Today, he is healthy and active. Seeing the exemplary care provided by Rapid Care convinced Wendi that mobile healthcare was an offering that everyone could benefit from. Becoming an investor/owner was an easy decision as Wendi has a great desire to see others get the healthcare assistance they need.

Debbi Coder

Debbi Coder was born into a family of hard workers.  She began working at her parents’ multiple businesses at a very young age.  The entrepreneurial spirit was planted and a young businesswoman was grown.  Right out of high school, Debbi was hired by a leading brokerage firm and told that her work ethic was a rare find.  Inspired by working for that firm, Debbi got her real estate license in both Florida and Oklahoma.  After becoming a mom, Debbi stayed home for 20 years to raise her children until 2012 when she decided to join a direct selling company. Debbi grew a team of over 80,000 people and ranks among the top five earners within the entire company!  With that success, she along with her sister, Wendi Green, wrote a best selling marketing book called, Listen Sister.  Debbi has also written a children’s book entitled, My Dog and Me.  When her sister’s husband, Brian was hospitalized in 2021, Debbi saw a growing need for home healthcare services and came alongside to partner with the Rapid Care team.


Austin Wojciechowski 

Austin Wojciechowski is a successful actor, producer, real estate professional, businessman and soon to be father of twins. Austin was raised on a large ranch in Texas where he learned the value of hard work and carrying responsibilities from a young age. He has carried that work ethic into his numerous business endeavors, and has enjoyed success in multiple industries from film and television production to real estate. With RapidCare, Austin is excited to bring his experience growing fledgling businesses and his unbeatable work ethic to transform the healthcare industry into a more affordable, ethical and equitable landscape for all. Austin truly believes that the future of medicine is personalized, mobile care brought to your door, and believes the team at RapidCare are the ones to make it happen. 


Robert S. Marsh, D.O.  

Robert began his interest in medicine when he was young.  Both his older and younger brothers were type I diabetics.  He experienced how medicine gave life to his brothers through technological advancements.   After high school Robert went on to Purdue University to study athletic training with the goal of becoming a physical therapist.  However, after seeing his first orthopedic surgery, he decided to change course and pursue a career in Medicine as an Orthopedic Surgeon.  While he continues his work in Orthopedics, his interest in Rapid Care is helping to develop a service that assists patients in obtaining primary care and health education without all of the strings attached to the systems that have not made individualized patient care central to their mission.  Robert wants to see people take ownership over their own health, to thrive, and to enjoy the best health and quality of life possible.


Amy Marsh 

Amy Marsh is passionate about healthy living and inspiring and empowering others to live healthy lives as well. Amy is a successful organizational leader, business owner, professional artist, and former teacher.  She is passionate about education and lifelong learning. She integrates her educational background with inspiring others to take ownership over their spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing and pursue the healthiest way of life throughout all stages of life.