Rapid care provides an amazing service that has really helped me on a number of occasions. As a long distance trail runner, the recovery results I receive through Josh’s IVs post-race would take me days to achieve on my own. I love that he comes to you – I have had rapid care come to my house, my office and even a friend’s house before so it really is hugely convenient.

I’ve also used rapid care as an immune boost after heavy work and/or travel weeks and I really believe in the power of IV vitamins and minerals as a preventative health measure also.

10/10 recommend and I’m looking forward to seeing you Friday, Josh! – FIVE STARS

Charlie Love

Outstanding service. Josh’s bedside manner and knowledge are above reproach. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are treated correctly for whatever symptoms or issue he is tending to. I’ve used his services several times and will continue to use them in the future.

David Roldan

Great customer service!  A great experience from beginning to end.  I Would highly recommend Rapid Care.

Kelli Morand

RapidCare is a non traditional approach to healthcare, and if you’re a little skeptical, here’s a story about my experience. I had the flu a while back, and man..was it bad. I could barely even keep ice in my mouth to hydrate, and hadn’t had a bite in days. I went out of limb to message the RapidCare team & it was the best decision I ever made. They were so helpful & responsive, and in less than an hour they had sent someone over to my house. When they had arrived there, they were so friendly and professional & didn’t make me feel like (just another sick person at all). I decided to go with the I.V therapy that they recommended & it was set up in about 10 min. As the I.V was being administered, we chatted about home remedies to help me eat & drink. It was honestly so nice to just talk with someone in what had felt like forever. About 20 min later they left and I felt 1000X better! The medicine made me sleepy so I decided to take a nap & when I woke up I was able to eat, drink, as well as get out of bed! Honestly the best decision I ever made and I 100% recommended them to anyone thinking about it!

Moody Mustafa

Amazing care handled promptly.

Dalayna Dillon

Highly recommend this business for your health care needs! Convenient in home service from friendly, knowledgeable healthcare providers.

Meredith Grey

Josh is the ultimate professional… friendly, informative and knowledgeable… We have used his services on several occasions… with outstanding results… We highly recommend him and already have to all of our family and friends!

Michele Burns

Outstanding company. Prompt and professional!

Jonathan Marsh

Thank you for coming to my rescue when I needed hydrating. – FIVE STARS


Using the wife’s login…. Have been using them since they opened. Great people with awesome service. Love the drip bags after working in the summer heat or when hungover and also the testosterone side helps keep me normal and grounded. Highly recommend

Krystal & Austin Anderson

I called Joshua when I was in tears, overwhelmed, and so tired …He sent someone the next day to my home and I couldn’t believe the difference after my infusion … I felt so good and energized I almost felt guilty!! Highly recommend and have gone back for more.. if I was sick this would be the first place I’d call to feel better and for quick recovery!!!

Shannon Henshaw

Highly recommend Joshua and Rapid Care for  your health care needs!Very convenient in home services. I have referred them to my family and friends.

Michael Betzel

My family came down with Covid recently. I was recovering at home but was nauseous and overall feeling rundown. Todd came to my house and gave me an IV treatment, he even added Zofran to the IV and I was finally able to start eating later that day. I will definitely use Rapid Care in the future if our family has any needs!

Kimberly Wilmering

Excellent care, very knowledgeable, best ever! Haven’t been to a doctor’s office in over 2 years thanks to Josh and his team and their amazing care. They have also taken great care of my elderly Father and Aunt as well and many other friends and family.

Terree Andrezjwski

We contacted Josh with Rapid Care to help our mother, Patricia, who is 85 years old. Once we called, he was there within one hour. He thoroughly evaluated her, gave her an iv, and contacted her primary care doctor to relay the information on what her situation was. We are very pleased with his service, he took care of our mother promptly and efficiently. I would highly recommend him to others who are in need of immediate care.

Teresa Lormer

I was so impressed by this company. My husband and I really wanted someone to come to our personal home, and Josh was so willing and so professional. We discussed which vitamin infusions would be best for our particular scenario, and he was  knowledgeable and thorough in explaining which were best and why. So convenient and competitively priced for this kind of service! Will definitely use them again!

Debbie Boyd

Freestyle Cage Fighting – ​​If it wasn’t for RapidCare my experience with Covid would have been much much worse. They made it easy to get the help and support I needed. If you’re smart you’ll put RapidCare on your speed dial.


Cynthia Power – I love this service. The staff are professional and courteous. They are also knowledgeable about their services and products. Their treatments work really well if you are dehydrated and I highly recommend them!!


Jenni Hetrick – Josh and Rapid Care have worked diligently to keep our health their priority. They provide licensed professional medical personnel to provide health services in the comfort and security of our home.  They are attentive and courteous, quickly diagnosing situations and providing  excellent and personalized care on-site. We would trust our family’s life to their hands, and we have. Life is precious and they work to keep it that way. – Tim and Jenni Hetrick


Cade Lewis – Top notch customer service and medical knowledge! Highly recommend it!


Ashley Burns-  I can’t say enough great things about Genesis Renewal and Josh. We recommend them to everyone and they have helped us on numerous occasions; weight loss, flu, Covid, severe vertigo, dehydration and just a general pick me up. They are prompt, clean, professional, fair priced and great with communication. You won’t be disappointed! 


Phillip Shain- Joshua with Genesis Renewal did an incredible job! He is very professional and knowledgeable. Easiest IV I’ve ever had… The fluids he gave me quickly went to work and played a vital role with my recovery. Highly recommend it! 


Kenneth Conrad-Fantastic experience, truly a far superior process. Rather than going to a hospital and waiting, I was able to get first class service directly to my door the old fashioned way. A+ Sincerely, Ken Conrad of Conrad’s Roofing 


Joe Poffel- They were very accommodating on making an extra stop to come take care of our needs! It was very much appreciated! 


 Matthew Arroyo-  Worked for them and I’ve seen great results from treatments given to patients. Great staff and caring owners! Best place around hands down! 


Austin Anderson- Rapid Care has been great! The people are extremely helpful. Have been using them for a little under a year and will continue to do so! 


Melissa Poffel- They are fast, reliable, and very professional. We’ve used them for several services and have been thoroughly satisfied with their care. Josh and Chelsie are kind, caring and put patient care first. Highly recommend and am excited to try other services! 


Rachel McCullough- Rapids Care has saved me from migraines on more than one occasion. They are always quick, friendly and very professional. I would highly recommend it to anyone! I love that they offer after hours services. 


Beth Pennington- So incredibly easy to work with since they go to your place. And now with their new offices they have even more options. They have IV’s for both health and wellness and can meet whatever need I have. 


Ben McFarland- The staff at Rapid Care is absolutely amazing!! They listen to your needs and develop the treatment to help you feel better. Would recommend it to everyone. 


Hannah Hayley-  Rapid Care is a great company full of great people. They’re very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend all their services!! 


Larry and Holly Fournier I cannot say enough great things about Genesis Renewal! My dad was dehydrated and we didn’t want to go to a hospital with the high risk of COVID-19. Josh was able to get across town within an hour & administer IV fluids. He was calm, knowledgeable, respectful…he even helped get dad into the restroom while preserving his dignity. He also ordered some medical supplies with next-day delivery right to the house. I’m so thankful for the amazing service Genesis Renewal provided during a very scary time! 


Jordan Kelley-  I have used Rapid Care several different times for different reasons. From vitamins and energy to covid testing. They always make it easy by coming straight to my home or office so I don’t have to take any time out of my day. Super convenient. 


MMM USA-  My wife shared this company with me when I felt like I was dying with the flu. My last resort was calling and getting an immune boost iv when no other meds seem to be working. With my experience and results I will call and get a iv before anything else. I’ve recommended several friends and family members to this great company. 


Name not given on google review-  I have a difficult time being dehydrated which has given me a great deal of kidney pain. My massage therapist told me about Rapid Care. I was so thrilled to know that a company like this exists. Last summer I ended up in the emergency room two days in a row being dehydrated. I got one bag of saline and 11K worth of bills. Josh and Rebecca who own and run Rapid Care in about 45 mins rehydrated me. I felt so much better and so affordable. While there I found they have some wonderful spray products as well. Their ZEN has been a Godsend helping me sleep, relax during a stressful time that we have been going through. No drugs, no drug feeling, just a calmness I haven’t had for a long time. I have totally enjoyed my sessions and their products. You couldn’t ask for nicer people who are so very knowledgeable and willing to take the time to explain how the products work. Unlike their competitors they do not charge to come to your home or work. They will make it worth your while and you will feel so much better simply being hydrated. They have wonderful combinations and you can get an IV mixed with supplements specifically for you and your needs. 


Natalie Delmedico-  I highly recommend Rapid Care! I was feeling under the weather Sunday after a night out so I ordered the hangover detox. They were at my house in a timely manner and had me feeling like a new person in minutes! They have several other options besides just hangover detox so check them out! 


Matt Cherry- I highly recommend Rapid Care. My wife has been using them for about a year & swears by it. She noticed I had been dragging this week and offered to give them a call. I am very happy I agreed. I had my first vitamin B & D treatment last night and I feel amazing this morning. This pandemic has many like myself staying inside more often, working from home, and just not getting the natural nutrients our body needed from the outside world. This is a great way to feed those needs without downing a bunch of vitamins that tend to upset the stomach. I’m so happy I tried Rapid Care & will for sure be calling them again! 


Margie Franks- I have used this company for myself and I have referred my clients to them for their elderly parents who had become dehydrated.  I swear by this now, I was horribly sick with the flu in February, (not covid) called and they came out later that evening and within 2 hours of finishing the bag, I did not feel horrible, slept that night without chills and woke up without aches and fever was gone.  This will now be my first call when I am feeling like I am about to get sick.  I called about a month ago and Joshua came and hung a bag for immunity.  I was leaving the country and wanted my body ready to travel. I have never felt better!  Highly recommend!! 

Kelli Morand- Rapid Care has been amazing and I would recommend them to anyone!  I had two surgeries in one week and my body was worn down.   I decided to try to mend and I am so glad I did.  I’m three weeks post-op and feel absolutely amazing.  I have a big trip to Africa coming up and I am going to use Immunity.  Give them a try…You won’t be disappointed!