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About RapidCare

Our method for providing medical care places you at the center of our mission!  We desire to create a culture of health that incorporates the best practices, technology, and innovative strategies, while simultaneously encouraging self-education and ownership over one’s own healthy way of life.

Our Mission

Maximizing access to high-quality personalized healthcare solutions for you and your family, wherever you are.

Healthcare Designed for You!

Our plan for healthcare started with the idea that healthcare should not be so difficult to seek out or achieve. Hours upon hours of waiting in dirty waiting rooms with sick people is miserable enough when you’re well; it’s nearly unbearable when you’re sick. Perhaps you or someone you know has trouble leaving the house and getting around. This does not have to be a barrier to high-quality and compassionate healthcare. Many people feel most comfortable and heal best in the comfort of their own homes. We designed this program with your personal beliefs and ideals in mind. A patient has to believe the care they receive is truly designed for them and delivered with their best interests in mind. They have to be confident in their healthcare teams’ ability to navigate their issues without violating their own personal beliefs.

What is RapidCare?

We are a mobile integrated and functional medicine clinic designed to maximize access to healthcare in any environment. We believe that high-quality healthcare can be delivered to your door by combining several different delivery methods and engaging positively and responsibly, with your best interest at heart.

What Are Our Values?

Rapid Care was founded with the principles of Faith in God, Family above all things after God, and the United States of America is worth fighting for. We pursue all three in that order and they factor into every facet of our practice. Our intention is to illustrate a representation of God like faith and our Founding Fathers’ idea of freedom, represented in the act or delivery of healthcare. We are facing an unprecedented attack on our core values as a people and a country. Your healthcare is not a decision free to be made by elected officials. The health and wellness of your children is not the responsibility of our government. Your health and wellness and the health and wellness of your family is your responsibility and subsequently your choice. We have a call placed in our hearts and on our lives to create a healthcare environment suitable for these values. We emphasize preventative healthcare and functional medicine. Our singular goal is to create a lifestyle that promotes health and well-being. Our mission is to take what we have created and bring it to you. The healthcare system (whether intentional or not is unimportant) is not built to create such outcomes, but rather to hinder them. We will change that through servanthood to all people, leadership in our communities, and love and care for all that will accept it.

Josh and Chelsie Forrest sitting with their daughters

Joshua & Chelsie Forrest

We are proud to be a local and family-owned business. We started with nothing more than a highly motivated dream to create a new style of healthcare. We are passionate about family and caring for one another. Our goal is to exemplify those values to you and your family!

Healthcare Memberships

Our membership healthcare plans are designed to help you get affordable access to efficient healthcare from the comfort of your home.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Even though testosterone levels are lower in women than they are in men, it is still a vital component of your overall health and wellness. Women can also struggle with low estrogen and progesterone as well.

IV Therapy

No one likes feeling sick! Our team of professionals is ready to provide top-tier, on-demand service brought right to your door.

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