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Overcomplicating the solutions to your healthcare needs never helps. We want to streamline your process so that it becomes easier than ever to achieve your goals and realize a much healthier life.
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Bringing Healthcare to You!

One of RapidCare’s distinctions is convenience. We go above and beyond to make healthcare available to all families. We realized early on that so many individuals do not have access to individualized and innovative healthcare that will place them on a trajectory of well-being and a lifestyle of health rather than a cycle of defeat and disease.

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Concierge Healthcare

Concierge healthcare was once thought to be reserved for the rich and famous. A type of healthcare generally paid for in advance on a cash transactional basis. The most significant component is that the physician carried a very limited workload to ensure availability to his or her patients. The great news for you is that evidently– you are now among the rich and famous because we deliver highly affordable, private, compassionate, and state-of-the-art healthcare to you and your family when you need us the most. Long gone are the days of overpriced, callous, one-size-fits-all healthcare.
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RapidCare Difference

Our patients are our number one priority. The complaint most often stated when people discuss their healthcare experiences is that they don’t feel listened to or heard by their doctor. They are herded in and out of a facility as if they are cattle in a livestock sale. While the excuses given by the “system” have a small measure of validity to them (For example: that the current system is inundated with patients and does not have the resources to handle the volume) it does not make it any more acceptable of an excuse. We must do better for the patients that need healthcare, and we have the systems in place to maximize efficiency while ensuring we keep the “care” central in healthcare.

Service Areas

Our goal is simple: care for you where you are.

Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care is a model that allows primary care physicians and nurse practitioners to offer their services directly to their patients for a monthly or annual fee. The membership fee allows the patient to access a variety of primary care, including consultations, exams, care coordination, and some lab services, without paying any additional fees at the time of service. Our model expands that coverage significantly in an effort to provide nearly comprehensive care in the comfort of your home.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is the future of reliable, patient-centered, and responsible healthcare. Functional medicine is designed to find the root of the problem or problems you face and find solutions that don’t create dependencies or further medical issues due to reckless prescribing or careless planning. We utilize every tool at our disposal to improve quality of life and decrease dependency on daily medications.

Walk-In Care

“Walk-In” care….at home. When you need to see a provider, whether in a primary care office, urgent care, or emergency room; chances are, you really don’t get excited about the waiting room part of it. We have you covered. Sit tight, in your own chair, and we will come to you.

Nutritional IV and Hydration Therapy

IV vitamin and hydration therapy is a foundational component of functional wellness. We have a host of different options to choose from to help you combat different issues you may be having. These are also an outstanding way to promote general wellness and maintain hydration and a healthy immune system.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormonal imbalances can affect every aspect of your life, however hormone replacement therapy can pose significant risks to your health if it isn’t done properly. We create a solid foundational plan to control any hormonal imbalances and subsequently improve your quality of life simultaneously.

Laboratory Services

Our services are expanded to provide the most comprehensive remote/mobile healthcare program imaginable. We can orchestrate laboratory specimen collection for you either in your home or at a lab near you.

Weight Loss

Our goal is to create a path for you to achieve true health, not just another medication or pill to take that would just sweep the problem under the rug. The most important component of that plan is your diet. How you view the food and drink you consume is where the battle starts. We have a dietician on staff ready to construct a weight loss plan in conjunction with your care provider to oversee medical decision making for your weight loss journey. Our weight loss program is 100% customized for each patient.

Workplace Healthcare Solutions

Business owners rejoice! We have a completely customizable abundance of healthcare solutions that are rapidly deployable in the workplace. Whether you are looking for a more cost effective healthcare coverage program for full-time, part-time, as-needed, season/temp staff, on-site healthcare, or more, we can make it happen. No more fighting to get your staff to a facility for an on the job injury or illness. We will send someone directly to you, right where your employee needs us. From drug testing or radiology, to care intervention to keep your business and your staff running at an optimal pace.

Diagnostic & Radiology Services

Our commitment to providing care in your home is unwavering. We provide access to in-home diagnostics and some radiology as well. We can provide things like diagnostic cardiology, x-ray, ultrasound, echocardiograms and more.

Healthcare is Here

Our membership healthcare plans are designed to help you get affordable access to efficient healthcare from the comfort of your home.


“I have never felt so advocated for in healthcare in my entire life. Joshua, Chelsie, and Dr. Lauren were absolutely incredible in every way. They are friendly, kind, supportive, and care deeply about you. They support your HEALTH above all else. hey want you well–they don’t want you stuck to the Big Pharma system or in pain.”

Emily D.


“I spent 17 days in the hospital with covid & pneumonia. I was released on December 29. I thank God for Rapid Care for their WONDERFUL Fast Service & products. I felt like someone had given me a new life. They told me how to take the medicine & have been there for me every step of the way. GREAT COMPANY & GREAT PRODUCTS!”

Susan N.


“RapidCare is an outstanding company that gave my mom first-class service!! When I first called them, they were very quick to answer and provide my mom with the care she needed immediately! Anytime I called, they answered; anytime I needed something, they answered; anytime I needed a prescription, I was given the prescription. I have RapidCare to thank for helping save my mom’s life. Thank you, RapidCare!”

Donny C.


“So glad to have had this place suggested to us when my husband had double pneumonia! He was not treated with the correct medicine from our local doctor’s office, but once we had contacted Rapid Care, they quickly got us on the right track, and within days he felt SOO much better than he had for 3 weeks. Will most definitely be using them in the future and suggesting them to everyone I know!”

Brandi C.

“I came down with a bad case of covid recently. My oxygen went low and my local doctor just wanted me to go to the emergency room. That is the last place I wanted to be. Joshua was able to get me the oxygen, medication, and IV that I needed all in the comfort of my home! They worked with us regularly, checking in and tracking my progress. Talk about compassion! There is no doubt in my mind that they truly care! They have been a real blessing for us! They even treated my wife with preventative as she cared for me while I was so sick. We highly recommend them to everyone!! You will not regret you decision when you reach out to Rapid Care!”

Matt B.


“Rapid Care has been a lifesaver for us! Joshua, Chelsie, and the staff are absolutely amazing!
We are in Quincy, Illinois, and they were such a blessing! My husband came down with covid, and all the local doctors just told him to go to the ER. Joshua’s compassionate and swift care kept him from having to go in. They treated me with preventative while treating my husband to recover at home. They had oxygen the same day for him! They were also able to get him the vital IVs that he needed as well. I just pray that they will one day be able to be in our area fully. I will not hesitate to use them again and again as well as recommend them to everyone I know! I know that the people that I recommended to them were very satisfied with their care!”

Liz B.

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