Infusion and Hydration Services:  

  • Monoclonal Infusion Therapy
  • Antibiotic Therapy
  • Hydration
  • Nausea/Vomiting/Diarrhea –
  • Post recovery from exercise, illness or surgery


Telehealth Services:

We provide convenient in home medical evaluations with the goal of providing basic medical care and assistance with guidance towards your next step in the recovery process.  


Primary Care:

We offer comprehensive and preventative health education and primary care, well child exams, and medical evaluations for various acute illnesses and injuries.  We offer evaluations and options for treatments of cough and cold symptoms, influenza, and stomach illnesses.  We provide care for common ailments such as: allergies, sinus infections, sore throat, insect/bee stings, bladder infections, bronchitis, colds, stomach flu, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, ear infections, swimmers’ ear, ear wax removal, splinter removal, minor eye infections such as a sty,  We offer care for various minor skin conditions such as: acne, athlete’s foot, cold sores, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, impetigo and other minor skin infections. We offer urgent and acute care services as well.


Physical Exams:

For Schools, Colleges, Universities, Sports, Camps, and DOT physicals


Health Screenings:

We provide screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, diabetes, weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), gynecological conditions, pregnancy tests, STDs.   We also provide testing for strep, mono, influenza, covid, pneumonia, and urinary illnesses.


Radiology Services:

Rapid Care can provide X-rays in the comfort of your home to determine if you have a fracture or other illness or injury. We can stabilize a sprain or strain in our office, and even fill most common prescriptions so that you can get on the road to recovery quickly. Ultrasound can also be provided in the comfort of your home to diagnose things like deep vein thrombosis, cysts, gallstones, abnormal enlargement of the spleen, abnormal growths in the liver or pancreas, and fatty liver disease.  Twelve lead EKG are available.


Laboratory Services:  

Rapid Care provides in-home lab solutions. The clinician will collect the lab specimen in your home and prepare it for the lab. This includes transporting to the lab on your behalf.  We offer testing for strep, mono, influenza, covid, pneumonia, urinary illnesses and more.

Occupational Med Services: 

Employer Services includeFirst:  report of Injury, chemical exposure, lacerations, sprains and strains and more.  On location specimen collection for post-injury/accident drug testing. 


Physical Therapy Referral

(in-house coming soon)


Specialist Referral: 

We take the guess work out of the referral process and are connected to specialists.


Occupational Therapy Referral

(in-house coming soon)


Pain Management referral



COVID Testing available, early treatment and prophylaxis treatment, breathing treatment.  We believe covid is real but early intervention can dramatically improve the odds of surviving this virus.  It requires compassionate providers, clinicians, and ancillary personnel in order to battle it harshly and immediately. We have many tools at our disposal to take a fierce battle directly to covid. The best part is we will do so in the patient’s home.  Our hospitals have exhausted their resources and remain strained to the max. Our covid treatment options are tailored to you and your healthcare beliefs, and best of all, done in the comfort of your home.